Nice to meat you!


This Piece of Meat Just Swiped Right

From the creators project:

It's a common stereotype that Tinder is filled with people who only want to find hookups. Sometimes, people just want to meat.

As far as this feckless slab of gristle goes, everyone is acceptable. Redheads: OK. Brunettes: Cool. Blondes: Sure. Welcome to Tender.

"Tender is the easy way to connect with new and interesting meat around you," creators Cors Brinkman, Jeroen van Oorschot, Marcello Maureira, and Matei Szabo write in their project's description. The foursome built the swiping device for their Media Technology class at Leiden University, and exhibited it for the first time at the Habitat art exhibition at Radion Amsterdam. "Switch on and if someone likes you back, it’s a match!" they advise. If you think you've been stood up at the bar later on, however, check the kitchen.

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